Stripes & Retro Dungarees

wpid-wp-1456596945262.jpgwpid-wp-1456596957010.jpgBlogging is so much easier this time of year — not only because of the late afternoon sunlight streaming through the window as I type, but because it’s easier to be spontaneous. There’s no need to schedule photographs between rain showers or muster up the strength to go out in the cold. We’ve got lighter evenings, brighter days and more scenic backdrops — and it’s easier to get into the swing of things when you feel inspired…

Take this post for example. Whilst we were kickin’ back on the beach, Rich took some impromptu photos because the light looked great. They came out quite nicely, so bingo bango, a blog post was born.

Anyway, on to the outfit…wpid-wp-1456596934439.jpgwpid-wp-1456596928370.jpgRetro-style dungarees are all over the high street at the moment, but they’re also super easy to find second-hand. Maybe not in charity shops (they tend to have more of the fast fashion, skinny leg pairs), but almost all vintage shops in Brighton have a decent classic dungaree section. Just make sure you know your waist size and leg length to make your hunt easier.

Dungarees bring endless layering opportunities. Surrendering to the spring breeze, I paired my dungarees with my new (well, new to me…) and oh-so-soft cashmere polo neck which I got from To Be Worn Again. When (or should I say ‘if’) the weather heats up, I’ll wear them with strappy, lacy numbers and my Birkenstocks. I cannot wait to unpack the summer wardrobe!

3 thoughts on “Stripes & Retro Dungarees

  1. Such a pretty outfit! But yes, I totally agree with you. Blogging this time of year is so so so much easier because of the amazing lighting! Looking gorgeous xx

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