Second-Hand Skirts & Handmade Mysteries

dsc04699Anybody else living in polo necks at the moment? I love all of mine, but the wear that I get out of this plain black one is unbeatable. They’re perfect layered under dresses and tucked into jeans (think Hepurn, Funny Face), but there’s something about the polo/skirt combo that I can’t get enough of right now. dsc04701DSC04697I got this skirt from Beyond Retro. If you’re new to second-hand shopping or just fear the ‘Granny’ vintage look, Beyond Retro’s own vintage label could be for you. They recycle old items to create new clothes, cropping, chopping and tapering existing styles to modernise them.

Anyway… These photos were taken a few weeks ago before trialing the Black Lion’s new immersive ‘hint hunt’ experience — Lady Chastity’s Reserve, by Handmade Mysteries.

On arrival, we were taken to the top of the Black Lion pub where we were told the twisted tale of Lady Chastity. We were then handed a torch, led into a pretty terrifying pitch-black room, and the eerie hint hunt began…

It definitely wasn’t easy — we spent a good chunk of the hour completely baffled/screaming — but we won! We managed to unlock Lady Chastity’s sacred wine, leaving us bubbling with adrenaline and giggling about how frantic we’d become. (The arachnophobic amongst us had had a bit of a shock…)

The whole experience was so, so much fun. Our host, Gabriel, was amazing and everything was seamlessly put together — from the creepy, cob-webbed decor to the thoughtful trail of clues. Kudos to the team who put everything back in its place after we’d rummaged everywhere…dsc04729 dsc04732Whether you’re a hint hunt connoisseur or you just fancy trying something a bit different with your friends, give this a whirl. It was the perfect balance between fun and challenging, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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