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Apologies in advance for the picture-heavy post. This was just a very photogenic activity…

We all know that natural is best, but working this mentality into your beauty regime can prove a little tricky. There are hardly any beauty products out there that are completely natural — so many contain additives, alcohols, colours and chemicals. Why? Because they couldn’t sit on the shelf for years and years if they didn’t.

Last weekend, some friends and I went to an organic, natural beauty product workshop in the North Laine run by a lovely lady named Leigh-Anne. We all learnt so much, and came away understanding that our beauty products needn’t last 10 years — it’s possible (and so easy!) to make your own as and when you need them, using on-the-turn foods you may have otherwise thrown away.


For the workshop, we worked in pairs to create 3 products each (a clean, natural hair mask, a body scrub and a face mask). Here’s a little detail about the three that my friend Mar and I made.


WAKE UP: Lemon & Thyme Scrub

This scrub looked and smelt completely delicious — like an icy citrus cocktail — and took an unreasonable amount of willpower to not drink (mmm… grapeseed oil and epsom salts). It’s a lovely, fresh, uplifting scrub that leaves you feeling all smooth and zingy — perfect for the morning. And it was so simple to make, leaving us with a lot of thyme on our hands. Ho ho ho.



Wondering how to get shiny hair, naturally? Reach for the beloved avo. This hydrating hair mask is so, so simple, and promises to leave your hair super-smooth. Also, banana is great at controlling hair oil production — a natural grease-combatant. Huzzah!


SENSITIVE FACE MASK: Oatmeal & Pomegranate

Learning how to make a face mask for your skin type is invaluable — especially one made with natural ingredients that we all have in our cupboards. This oatmeal and pomegranate mask is designed to soften and hydrate sensitive skin. Did you know that pomegranate is loaded with anti-ageing compounds? Again, huzzah!

Others in the workshop made different products such as a strawberry hair oil, a cucumber toner, and a chocolate orange body scrub — my personal favourite.

I can’t wait to recreate some of these at home as Christmas presents!

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