My Purple Beret


I know what you’re thinking: colour in winter?! Sophie’s gone mad. Possibly, but I had good reason…

When I was younger — perhaps 12 or 13 — I had a purple beret. My friend brought it back from a holiday in France (she had a matching pink one), and I wore it constantly. I can’t remember whether I actually thought it made me look cool, or I just loved the dusky mauve colour, but I couldn’t get enough of it. Then one day I lost it in town. I was completely gutted, and it’s one of those sentimental items I’ve never forgotten.

Whilst out and about last weekend, I spotted my beret. Well, it wasn’t actually mine, but it’s the exact same colour so I just had to buy it. I promise not to wear this one constantly — I’m well aware I could end up looking a little art dickish… (especially with my pile coat). But hey, it’s good to have it back!


Admittedly it’s still a tad too cold for coatless photos, but I wanted to document how matchy matchy I was. This is a rare occurrence for me, but beret 2.0 just happened to perfectly match my latest charity shop purchase — this dusky-purple floral shirt.

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