Mid-Winter Mojo

IMG_20160131_145824I haven’t blogged much this past month — partly due to a manically busy few weeks at work, and partly due to January being such a lacklustre month. I don’t mean to be a Scrooge, but I’ve had a slight case of the mid-winter blues. Waking up to dark, drizzly skies isn’t the most inspiring… in fact, I barely know how to dress myself at this time of year.

But it seems all it takes is one special item to jump-start your motivation, and mine came in the form of this cardigan, made by my Grandma. She visited last Saturday, bringing this beauty along with her. It’s a super-chunky black knit with huge bell sleeves, and I love it.IMG_20160131_145718IMG_20160131_145829

Roll neck: Charity shop, Cardigan: made by my Grandma, Bag: Urban Outfitters

This is what winter dressing is all about: big, bold, ridiculously over-sized items designed to keep you warm and cosy. And black. Lots of black.

Anyway, it’s February now, so here’s to ample inspiration and adequate blog posts!

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