That ’70s scarf

Do you consider the cost-per-wear of your clothes?

I may wear my black jeans three times a week — and my leather jacket goes with every one of my dresses — but when it comes to cost-per-wear, my silk scarf collection trumps it all.

wpid-wp-1465938194917.jpgI have a big (unphotogenic) bundle of these scarves to choose from when my outfit needs a little zhuzh — from diddy square neckerchiefs to skinny ’70s-styles.

Neckerchiefs may be trendy at the moment, but it’s this super-skinny burnt orange beauty from my Grandma that has my heart. It scores zero on the practicality scale (a strip of fabric does nothing to keep you warm), but I love how adding it to any outfit creates an instant ’70s bohemian vibe. Here are my favourite ways to wear it.wpid-wp-1465938219658.jpgwpid-wp-1465938212355.jpgWhip it round your head. This is perfect for a bad hair day as it steals the attention from messy locks. Plus, if you wear it properly, it’ll actually keep your hair out of your eyes. Just double it around your head and tie it into a slightly off-center bow.wpid-wp-1465938199168.jpgCinch in your waist. It’s no secret that I love a black outfit, but a flash of colour is always a good thing — especially during the summer. Adding a brightly coloured scarf is a nice way to break up a monochrome look. And belts are boring, anyway.wpid-wp-1465938204444.jpgwpid-wp-1465938181302.jpgwpid-wp-1465938187229.jpgHang loose. Nothing groundbreaking here — this is literally the easiest way to jazz up an outfit. Nobody need know you threw this on 30 seconds before leaving the house. Try doubling it around your neck and knotting it at the front for Kate Moss-chic.

Each of my silk scarves is second hand — some hand-me-downs, some made from old fabric scraps and some thrifted. Charity shops have them coming out of their ears (not in a weird clown way), and usually price them at a pound a pop.

Now that’s a justifiable cost-per-wear!

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