DIY: Last-Minute Halloween Costume

2015-10-28 10.39.10 1Gah! I confess! I did it again. I left my Halloween costume planning to the last minute, leaving me with two choices: recycle an extremely questionable snake outfit I wore a few years back (lime green unitard, anybody?), or get crafty, quickly! To avoid eternal humiliation, I chose the latter, rustling up a simple yet effective bat wing headband.

I thought I’d make my spontaneous Halloween craft-session into a DIY post… just in case any of you are in the same costume-less boat.

You’ll need:

  • Some thick card (I used a cereal box)
  • Scissors, sticky tape & black duct tape
  • A headband

Step 1

2015-10-27 09.39.22 1

Draw your bat wing outline onto the card. Extend the bottom end of the wing by adding a little tab (about the width of the headband you will be using).

Step 2

2015-10-27 09.39.23 1

Cut out this shape and use it as a stencil to create three more identical wings. Then marry up the shapes, creating two pairs.

Step 3

2015-10-27 09.39.24 1

Tape the top of the first pair of wings together, then fold in each of the tabs to meet each other (one on top of the other) and fasten with more tape. Check that your headband slots through this gap.

Repeat this for the second pair.

Step 4

2015-10-27 09.39.25 2

Colour your wings black. I chose to wrap mine with black duct tape, but you could colour them in, or even cover them with black fuzzy felt.

Remember: when covering, ensure you leave enough room at the base to poke your headband through.

2015-10-27 09.39.27 1

Step 5

Slot the wings onto your headband.

2015-10-27 09.39.28 1

2015-10-27 09.39.30 1

Et voilà! One sassy bat wing headband.

I plan on pairing mine with an all black ensemble and black lipstick, but you hard core Halloweeners could go for full on bat makeup (whatever that is…)

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

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