Cook with Hari

A few weeks back, I was invited to #CookWithHari — an indian food cook-along hosted by Hari Ghotra.

I don’t talk about it much on the blog, but I really enjoy cooking. Although the convenience of takeaways and pre-made meals is appealing after a long day at work, Rich and I always make the effort to cook our meals from scratch. This is what I loved about Hari’s event — we learnt to make authentic, homemade Indian food, using natural, fresh ingredients packed full of flavour. She taught us how to make vegetable pakoras, samosas, turkeys kebabs and fish cakes, and I will definitely be making them again!


#cookwithhari9This sinister-looking burgundy dip was my favourite. A spicy beetroot chutney.


Each and every one of these dishes were off-the-scale yummy, but if you only take away one morsel of knowledge from this post, let it be that pakoras are The One. They’re fried balls of perfectly-spiced veg (which can be anything from potato and onion, to aubergine or cauliflower), with a crispy gram flour coating*, and I could eat them forever. Here’s the recipe, in case you fancy making these.

(*That description really doesn’t do them justice, but a girl’s gotta try…)

Hari also rustled up a scrumptious chicken curry, and taught us how to make lemon rice. Again, I will definitely be making these at home. I mean, look. I challenge you to look at these without drooling…



Hari has a great range of curry kits which allow culinary mortals like me to make her yummy dishes at home. Each kit contains the necessary spices for that dish, as well as easy-to-follow cooking instructions. Hari kindly gave me a lovely creamy korma kit, which I decided to have a crack at last weekend when my spice-wary Grandma came to visit. She absolutely loved it. A curry-convert — huzzah!DSC04177

Oh, I forgot to mention: this whole event was live on YouTube. You can watch a lovely little roundup here. Not sure why I bounce mid-interview…

Thanks so much to Hari and co for inviting me along!