Christmas Gift Guide

Hooray, it’s December — the month of lists, late-night shopping and last-minute wrapping… Oh, and Christmas.

You may have missed Black Friday and dozed through Cyber Monday, but fear not! I’ve teamed up with Tesco to inspire your present buying this year with this mini guide.

I’m not saying that these gifts will appeal to everybody (I’ve just plucked them from Polyvore for inspiration), so add your own little twist and tailor them to your loved ones’ tastes for the perfect Christmas gift.

For your work Secret Santa 

Ahh, the company-wide Secret Santa — always a challenge. But it’s nice to have the opportunity to buy for somebody you wouldn’t normally. If you don’t know this colleague very well, go and have a nosey at their desk — this may give you an idea of what they’re into.

secret santa gifts

Who could ever be disappointed with a bear head egg cup…?

For the techie

Buying for a gimicky gadget-fan is always fun — you get to research weird and wonderful things. But if you want to play it safe, here are some ideas…

tech fan gifts

Personally, I would gift the tech enthusiast with some non-sound-leaky headphones — that’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

For the smelly-lover

I always thought that smellies were a bit of a cop-out present, but there are actually people out there who love nothing more than a Lush bath bomb.

scented gifts

I’m also loving the Sanderson Dandelion Clocks collection at the moment — particularly the reed diffuser. So fresh.

For Dad

Dads are notoriously tricky to buy for, so to save you buying him a bottle of whiskey again this year, here are some suggestions.

dad gifts


For Mum

I love Christmas shopping for my Mama, and have started filling her a little stocking every year (she made me and my brother one for 18 years — I figured it was her turn!). Here’s a little inspiration…

mum gifts


For the grandparents

Whether it’s a framed photo of the grandchildren or something you’ve made yourself, Grandparents love a sentimental gift. You could whip up a batch of fudge, make them a food hamper or paint them a picture. Get creative – they’ll love it. And don’t forget the Christmas card! Heaven forbid…

grandparents gifts


For the person who has everything

We all know one at least one person who just doesn’t want/need anything. I recommend taking a look at some gift experiences to inspire your present buying this year. Whether it’s a cooking class or a flying lesson, choose something they’ve never done before but you know they’ll love.

Happy shopping!

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