Mid-Winter Mojo

IMG_20160131_145824I haven’t blogged much this past month — partly due to a manically busy few weeks at work, and partly due to January being such a lacklustre month. I don’t mean to be a Scrooge, but I’ve had a slight case of the mid-winter blues. Waking up to dark, drizzly skies isn’t the most inspiring… in fact, I barely know how to dress myself at this time of year. Continue reading

The Not-So Statement Necklace


Crikey it’s cold, isn’t it! Perfect opportunity to crack out the over-sized scarf (which is moonlighting as a blanket as I type…)

I’ve always admired chunky jewellery, but I felt it wasn’t for me. My Grandma has worn it for as long as I can remember, yet as a child I was far more drawn to her silver bangles than her bold beads. Always favouring dainty, fuss-free chains, I’ve avoided The Statement Necklace my whole life… until now. Continue reading