Beach walk & a trip to Silo

It’s been a lovely, lazy weekend, filled with food, fresh air and friends, but before we get into that…


I got a new rucksack! I’d been searching for a leather satchel-style rucksack for some time now, and I finally found the perfect one – and guess what? It’s second hand (surprise surprise). I came across this dark brown leather beauty in a Cancer Research shop, and practically skipped to the till and all the way home. It’s originally from M&S and was in such great condition. I plan on wearing it until it falls apart.

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Hello, again

Oopsy! I haven’t blogged in a bloomin’ long time.

I think I can blame this on a concoction of being incredibly busy with a new job and a new flat, numerous shindigs, weddings and holidays, and just generally having a lot of fun over this long, late summer.
One thing’s for sure is that my silence is nothing to do with ‘lack of inspiration’. I’ve been bargain hunting more than ever, squirrelling away my finds ready for Jumble Style’s resurrection. A recent permanent move to Brighton has pleased my bargain-thirsty brain, and I can’t get enough of the vintage shops, retro boutiques, second hand markets and bountiful charity shops.

So I look forward to sharing my finds with you, and please forgive any slightly outdated photos that may crop up… As I said, it really has been a while and I’ve got lots to share!

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Hello there…

My name’s Sophie.

Eek, first-post nerves. So, I guess I’ll tell you a little about myself and about what I intend to use this blog for. I’ve read a variety of different fashion and style blogs for a quite some time now, and – as every new blogger says – I thought I’d quite like to have a go at it myself.

After recently graduating in English Language and Linguistics, I hit that familiar ‘oh my golly.. what do I do now’ wall. I must say, I’m glad I did, because it got me to thinking about things I love and am passionate about – the kind of things I do religiously without even thinking. I wrote a list. As well as the comically average ‘I love to eat’, ‘I love to have fun with friends’ at the top of the list, I also jotted down things such as ‘writing my diary’, ‘charity shopping’ and ‘hunting for a bargain’.

…BINGO BANGO, that’s it; that’s something I enjoy…. 82% of my wardrobe were bargain buys… And there began the idea for this blog.

I’ve managed to lure my gorgeous friend Jessica Stobart in to helping me out with her superduper photography skills – that way I can post pictures of my lovely, second hand clothing treasures so that you can see how I wear them. I’d also like to give little hints and tips about bargain hunting and second hand/charity shopping, because I want everybody to benefit from how great it can be. I’d also like to chat to friends, family, and anybody else I can find who has any interesting bargain-based stories, so that you guys can see what other people are getting up to.

Long live the playground chant ‘first [hand] the worst, second [hand] the best…’ (what was it? Third the one with the golden dress/hairy chest?)

So, here goes! I hope you like it.
Sophie x