Cook with Hari


A few weeks back, I was invited to #CookWithHari — an indian food cook-along hosted by Hari Ghotra.

I don’t talk about it much on the blog, but I really enjoy cooking. Although the convenience of takeaways and pre-made meals is appealing after a long day at work, Rich and I always make the effort to cook our meals from scratch. This is what I loved about Hari’s event — we learnt to make authentic, homemade Indian food, using natural, fresh ingredients packed full of flavour. Continue reading

Beach walk & a trip to Silo

It’s been a lovely, lazy weekend, filled with food, fresh air and friends, but before we get into that…


I got a new rucksack! I’d been searching for a leather satchel-style rucksack for some time now, and I finally found the perfect one – and guess what? It’s second hand (surprise surprise). I came across this dark brown leather beauty in a Cancer Research shop, and practically skipped to the till and all the way home. It’s originally from M&S and was in such great condition. I plan on wearing it until it falls apart.

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