Beach walk & a trip to Silo

It’s been a lovely, lazy weekend, filled with food, fresh air and friends, but before we get into that…


I got a new rucksack! I’d been searching for a leather satchel-style rucksack for some time now, and I finally found the perfect one – and guess what? It’s second hand (surprise surprise). I came across this dark brown leather beauty in a Cancer Research shop, and practically skipped to the till and all the way home. It’s originally from M&S and was in such great condition. I plan on wearing it until it falls apart.

Second hand purchases aside, some friends have been raving about it for while, so this weekend, we thought it was about time we (me and my boyfriend – not me and my rucksack…) paid a visit to Silo. And my goodness, it was delightful. Silo is a little restaurant in Brighton’s North Laines which boasts a wonderful zero waste mentality, ensuring they generate as little waste as possible during the growth, delivery and production of their food. The chefs and staff are so passionate about their work, which is really exciting and inspiring.

It was all so, so delicious – I thoroughly recommend the Jerusalem artichokes – and I’ll definitely be back soon!

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